Oh my god: Crazy marketing mistake by green party

The political marketing mistake

The green party in Germany suggested to install a so called “Veggieday”, one day every week where everyone should eat vegetarian food – to save the environment and the life of animals. They also suggested that every company should only serve vegetarian food on that day every week to their employees.

What was the reaction?

The greens got burned by the media and the other parties. How can a party command us what we want to eat? The greens are already seen by many people as the party who constantly wants to regulate and change our lifes. It was a hard hit for the greens in a time where the green party in Germany is already in trouble.

How do you improve your political marketing?

It was a typical politician’s mistake. Someone who deals with rules and laws every day will at some point see a behavior which he thinks should be regulated by a law. So, instead of just accepting this behaviour he will call for a law.

Yes, the people do want rules and laws. But never for themselves. They want rules, so the neighbor will not earn more money than they do. They want laws which create justice so they do not receive less money than others. What everyone hates: Rules, that limit their own behavior. It does not matter at all how “good” the rule or the law is.

So, never ever suggest laws that limit the behavior of a big group of people.

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