Storytelling: “French love” directed by Macron

That the French prime minister Emmanuel Macron does everything to look good is well known. He spent thousands of Euros on make-up and campaigns. But he is also a master of political storytelling. There are some politicians how keep their loved ones out of the spotlight. And there is Emmanuel Macron. He knows he offers an amazing love story. He seduced his teacher and married her. Can you imagine your local politician seducing his hot teacher? Macron did it. Hell, that is a story!

Every politician needs strong stories

We are more interested in people with interesting stories, especially when they are politicians. Why that? Because politics is mainly about trust. Your citizens have to vote for someone without knowing if he is serious or competent. Of course every politician is always talking good about himself. So, as a citizen I cannot rely on the politcian’s word regarding himself. But it is difficult to manipulate the own history. So, people will dig into the politicians history and try to find information about his personality and character.

So, we cannot rely on Macron’s words but we can see his history. Everyone can imagine that you must be brave to date your teacher and it must be hard as a teenager telling friends and family that he is in love with a woman who is 24 years older than him. But they are still together today. This is a great story. He looks like a winner. That guy must have a strong character. And we all want strong politicians.

What can you learn from Macron’s political storytelling?

People love stories. You did not seduce your teacher? Then hurry up! No, but you can write your own strong stories. Every life has some interesting and strong points that can make a great story. Maybe you had a difficult youth or you have interesting hobbies or worked in a special job before and so on. Think about it and try to build a special image of you that represents strong values.

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