The shiny future of political entertainment in Germany

The years of boring political debates in Germany could come to an end

In the last decades Germany lost a few “media politicians”. The SPD lost chancellor Schröder, the green party their famous Joschka Fischer, the FPD Guido Westerwelle, the left party Gregor Gysi. All of them were the face of their party. (You can compare them with the franchise quarterback of an american football team in the NFL)  But over the last years most of the German parties struggled finding a “new face”. That is one reason why it was so easy for Angela Merkel to stay chancellor. The SPD put different persons in charge, the FDP and the green party did the same. All of those faces failed.

Is this the beginning of a new era of young charismatic Germans?

The FDP was one of the winners of the last federal election. Their pre-election campaign was about one topic. No, it was only about one person: Christian Lindner. He is aware of the fact how important good media coverage is for politicians. At some points he even overacted in his spots but this gave him additional attention.

Now another star is rising: Robert Habeck, the new green frontman. His party is desperately searching for a new charismatic leader for years now. But many green politician as well as party members think that only political skills are important for a leader. Of course theoretically every party should put their most qualified persons in charge but we all know that this is not how democracies work. Every party needs to win elections to play an important role and you only win elections if you have a decent communication strategy. The new leader of the green party, Robert Habeck, likes to deal with media, he knows what the media wants and he knows how important entertainment is in a democracy.

The next federal election is 2021. We can expect that the FDP and the green party will show a different performance by then. And they will put pressure on the other parties. Merkel’s CDU: Right now there is a bunch of politicians in the second row – it will be interesting to watch who will win the battle behind Angela Merkel in the end. SPD: Will the social democrats continue with Martin Schulz? We will see. And the left party: They need to bring up a new face (I do not consider Wagenknecht as a proper leader) or they will get into huge problems 2021.

And who knows maybe even former CSU-youngster Guttenberg will return at some point.


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